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1 day ago

Debbie Suggs

Does anyone know off hand if RI has a employment bullying law? I seem to be only able to find laws related to school. Thank you in advance. ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

Kate Vander Wiede

Hey all! Yesterday we delivered 14 stacks of postcards (and learned a lot about the best way to do so). Today we want to deliver the rest of the House postcards -- that's 34 representatives to talk to and check off our list. We need your help! Be inside the lobby at 3 PM and head up to the house! If you get there a little late, you can go up to the 2nd floor and head to the House on the right. We're going to be the ones holding a shoebox full of postcards and accosting representatives. You can't miss us 😉

Have questions? Ask them in the event by clicking on it (and while you're there, RSVP...)

Thursday March 15th - 3:00pmDeliver Postcards to the General Assembly (Day 3/3)Rhode Island State HouseWe'll meet by the metal detectors on the first floor and head up to deliver the postcards together.

This is the FINAL DAY(!) of our three-day push to deliver those postcards to our General Assembly members to show them what people in their district care about and expect them to act on.
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Deliver Postcards to the General Assembly (Day 3/3)

2 days ago

Mike Araujo

This is also a big hearing and we need as many out for this as well. Please come to the statehouse today at 4pm and speak out.

Thursday March 15th - 4:00pmToday, Important minimum wage and anti wage theft hearing.Rhode Island State HouseToday in Room 101 at the Rhode Island State House at 4pm there will be a hearing on bills that protect servers tips, raise the minimum wage to $11/hour, allow for workers to more easily get back wages, allow workers to track down who is ultimately responsible for wages, increase the minimum wage for tipped workers, make sure you have a pay stub if you are paid electronically, raise the exemption from overtime for some workers. This is a big hearing and I know we were all out yesterday, lets do it again.
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Today, Important minimum wage and anti wage theft hearing.

2 days ago

Mike Araujo

Poor showing from the bosses.To the RI Chambers of Commerce and the RI Hospitality Association, Bob Bacon and whats her face from Sympatico in Jamestown:
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3 days ago

Kate Vander Wiede

inspiring and powerful, these students are.

Providence Student Union
Providence students have called for a walkout to end gun violence in our communities using an intersectional approach. We demand action now:

— Ban guns from schools. All guns, period.
— Ban assault weapons, bump stocks, and high-capacity magazines. Require background checks.
― Increase school counselors and clinicians, not police in schools
— Increase services and resources to reduce gun violence in all communities

Students and staff have the right to teach and learn in an environment free from the fear of being gunned down in their classrooms or on their way home from school.

#EnoughRI Providence Student Union @pvdstudentunion
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Providence Student Union

Your support is requested for a really important state house hearing *today*! Currently, Rhode Island's stated goals for reducing fossil fuel pollution are just aspirational. The proposed Global Warming Solutions Act would make those reductions mandatory and enforceable.

Thursday March 15th - 4:00pmGlobal Warming Solutions Act HearingRoom 203 Rhode Island State HouseThe House Committee on Environment and Natural Resources is hearing Chair Handy’s Global Warming Solutions Act, H-7827 this Thursday. Please join us in testifying in SUPPORT of this bill!

In brief, the GWSA mandates economy-wide reductions in carbon emissions. It is modeled on similar, successful statutes that have been enacted in Massachusetts and Connecticut. If enacted, the bill would require reducing carbon emissions by 80% below 1990 levels by 2050, with interim targets for 2025, 2035 and 2045.

The GWSA addresses the three largest sectors that contribute to carbon pollution: electricity, transportation, and buildings. The bill requires a state agency to issue regulations (within a year of enactment) reducing emissions from each sector: Office of Energy Resources for electricity (§ 6); Department of Transportation for transportation (§ 7); and the Building Commissioner for buildings (§ 8). In each sector, the bill outlines certain matters that the respective agency must consider in issuing regulations and other things that the agency may consider.

The GWSA builds upon the 2014 Resilient Rhode Island Act (RRIA). The RRIA sets aspirational goals for carbon emissions: if the state does not meet those goals, there is no way to enforce them. The GWSA makes carbon emission reductions mandatory and it provides for an enforcement mechanism.

Rhode Island needs to act now to ignite our renewable energy economy. The GWSA provides mandatory, enforceable, economy-wide reductions in carbon pollution that are consistent with science-based understandings of climate change.
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Global Warming Solutions Act Hearing

3 days ago

Gabrielle Godino

Calling all workers:

Tuesday March 20th - 6:00pmFight for $15 and Fair Pay Activist Training319 Broadway, Providence, RI 02909-1101, United StatesWhen hardworking men and woman can't make enough to put food on the table, or a roof over their heads - our families and communities suffer. When women are systematically paid less than male colleagues -- our families and communities suffer. We're standing up to say no more.

Rhode Island is joining a global movement in over 300 cities on six continents -- the Fight for $15 -- and we're making sure that at the same time we close the pay gap for women and people of color by passing the Fair Pay Act.

Working together these two bills can support our hard working families, put money into our local economy, and make our system fairer for all.

What’s the secret this campaign's success? You. And others like you raising their voices. All of us who have come together to share and elevate the stories of what it’s like to live on low pay or face pay discrimination for no reason other than your gender or ethnicity.

Join us on Tuesday, March 20th to learn how you can take the lead on this campaign. We will go over:

- History of minimum wage and fair pay
-Economic arguments for these worker friendly policies
-The best responses to inevitable corporate attacks
- The campaign plan and legislative strategy
-What you can do right now to help pass the bills!
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Fight for $15 and Fair Pay Activist Training

3 days ago

Mike Araujo


Wednesday March 14th - 3:30pmMinimum wage Hearing Wednesday March 14!Rhode Island State House Room 212On Wednesday at the Rhode Island Statehouse 4 bills are going to be heard that will directly affect every working person in RI. We need as many people to come and testify in support of increased minimum wages. This hearing will include tipped workers and the developmentally disabled. We need everyone out on this, particularly women and restaurant workers.
The Bills are:
SB 2244 $15/hour Sen Calkin is the prime sponsor.
SB 2247 $11/hour in 2019, and $12/hour in 2020. Sen Lynch Prata is the prime sponsor
SB 2476 Raise the tipped minimum wage to $9/hour by 2022, and equality by 2023. Sen. Goldin is the prime sponsor.
SB 2478 Equal pay for developmentally disabled people. Sen Satchell is the prime sponsor.
Everyone has a stake in this and fighting for better wages is the root of our labor movement.
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Minimum wage Hearing Wednesday March 14!

3 days ago

David Oppenheimer

The peace demonstration planned for Wednesday afternoon on Centerville Road outside the Summit Office Park in Warwick (where Langevin has his office) has been cancelled. We will try again on Wednesday the 21st at 4:30 pm and will set up an event page and notify everyone about specifics later in the week. ... See MoreSee Less

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