What to Expect from RHRI in 2018

Resist Hate RI logoResist Hate RI was formed in the aftermath of Trump’s election to help channel the outpouring of Rhode Islanders’ righteous anger into progressive action to defend our state’s communities and values. As the dust has settled over the past 16 months, Resist Hate members have plugged into the work of dozens of local groups, most of which have been in this fight for years. Resist Hate RI, with our limited volunteer capacity, now sees our highest priority role as continuing to connect newcomers to the campaigns and actions being led by other progressive groups. Here’s how we’re going to focus on that role in the year ahead.

Last year, we had monthly meetings in which we helped educate and connect people to campaigns, organizations and people. Not all of these meetings were equally successful and some took more effort than they they seemed to be worth.

So this year, we on the volunteer steering committee are trying to do things a little differently in order to better use our time and capacity, as well as yours. We think this plan continues what is best about Resist Hate–getting good people plugged into great organizing in RI.  This plan gives us the ability and capacity to plan more spontaneous events and actions throughout the year as they’re needed.



We’re planning to have two big meetings: one in May and one in September.  At both meetings we will connect activists to organizations leading crucial fights to win progressive change at the State House and build progressive power in communities. Because 2018 is an election year, we will also endeavor to connect activists to timely electoral campaigns. Because the two events happen at different times of year, they will have somewhat different focuses: in April/May legislative fights will be urgent and electoral campaigns just gearing up. In September the reverse will be true.  We’ll invite a lot of organizations to participate and you will be able to learn about a lot of the work going on in Rhode Island – in the State House, in City and Town Halls, and in communities around the state.

When we’re not planning these large meetings, we’ll be emailing newsletters each week to keep you up to date on what’s happening in the state and at the State House, and we’ll be continuing to curate and add events to the Resist Hate RI online calendar. If you’re not yet on our email list, you can sign up on the right side of this page!



Finally, we want to help make it easier for you to plan events, campaigns and actions and get people plugged in. If you’re interested in planning your own action or getting people together, Resist Hate is a resource for you. We can include your work in our email and online outreach and we can provide a list for you to call on your own.



If you’re interested in getting more involved in planning the April/May and fall events, writing emails to the list, and/or curating Facebook events, or if you want to use any of our resources to help raise awareness about something you’re planning, let us know at resisthateri@gmail.com

Thanks to everyone for your support and your activism! This year is so important to changing RI, and we know that together, we can make change and make a difference.


Our best,

Raul, Walter, Carlos, Kate, Abby, Bethany, Jane, Georgia, Justin

The Volunteer Steering Committee