Let us know you’re interested here.

As an organization, Resist Hate RI exploded onto the scene after Trump’s election. Forming out of a meeting State Representative Aaron Regunberg scheduled on Facebook to figure out what the hell to do in the aftermath of the election, Resist Hate RI’s founders put on massive meetings in those first few months. At those meetings, they caught activists skills that they could use to change RI.

Having such a small group plan everything was unsustainable, so they decided to create a Steering Committee. Formed in March, the steering committee has worked to organize meetings, lobbying sessions, rallies, house parties and more. At the end of 2017, the steering committee and membership reflected on what worked and what didn’t, and came up with a purpose statement and separated into committee

About half of the current 10-person steering committee is stepping down by mid-2018 because of other commitments or because they are moving away from RI. To ensure RHRI is sustainable and able to meet the progressive goals you and we care about, we want to recruit 10 more people to the steering committee, and we want to start that process now.

The 10 new steering committee members would, ideally, serve for two years before being up for election again. For continuity’s sake, the remaining current steering committee members will stay on through 2018 (one year), at which point they will be a part of the next election in 2019. This would allow the steering committee election cycle to be staggered as RHRI moves forward.

Let us know you’re interested here.


What does a steering committee member do?

We are looking for people who will work hard to organize Resist Hate and its members and help put its purpose statement into action. Experience in politics or activism isn’t necessary for consideration.We are hoping the steering committee will become more diverse as a part of this process.

Let us know you’re interested here.

The ideal candidate for a steering committee position is someone who:

  • can give 5-10 hours a week to Resist Hate RI
  • agrees with the purpose statement and wants to work to put it into action
  • is organized, follows through and works hard
  • makes ethical, thoughtful decisions
  • can work well with a group
  • can commit to being on the steering committee for at least two years

Steering committee members:

  • Help determine the purpose and direction of RHRI
  • Meet regularly (currently twice a month) and speak regularly by email, text and phone
  • Plan fundraising efforts, put them into action and keep track of finances
  • Communicate with the membership via email, FB, and blog, and survey the membership
  • Communication with other organizations, and promoting those other organizations and their events
  • Plan educational meetings, community engagements and political actions with RHRI members
  • Run/participate in the Communications, Membership & Events and Administration committees
    • Communications – write emails, design communications, manage Facebook and website, etc.
    • Membership & Events – survey members, manage the member database, answer emails, plan events, organize phone banking, etc.
    • Administration – organize steering committee, fundraise and track financess, run steering committee elections, connect with other organizations, etc.




By February 28, let us know why you want to be a steering committee member. Be specific:

  • What appeals to you, and what can you add to the organization?
  • What do you see yourself doing? (Communications, Administration, Events and/or Membership) If you’re not sure where you fit in, tell us that too.
  • Tell us your skills and strengths.
  • Let us know how much time you think you could put to RHRI.
  • Tell us how long you think you can make this commitment – for the full two years or less?


At our March steering committee meetings, we will review all the people who have reached out with interest, and we’ll set up meetings to talk to all the people who can expressed interest. We’ll be assessing whether people support RHRI’s mission, have the needed skills, and fill the holes we know we’re going to have in 2018.

We may decide some of those who have expressed interest aren’t a great fit for the steering committee in terms of capacity or ability. We’ll be transparent with candidates about the decisions we make.

We won’t be endorsing any candidates over others – we will only be interviewing candidates to ask questions about what they can bring to RHRI in terms of time, skill and vision, and allowing candidates to interview us on what being a steering committee member entails.


if we have more than 10 people who are interested in being on the steering committee, we’ll turn voting to add people to the existing steering committee over to RHRI members. We’ll do this online. If you are on the email list, you will be able to vote via an emailed link. Please join the email list so that you’ll be able to vote in April (and so you receive our newsletters and updates!).


At the end of April, the new steering committee will meet up to get to know each other, talk about the future, get on the same page and continue planning the #resistance. In April or May, we’ll announce the new steering committee makeup to all of Resist Hate RI.


Four to five (about half)  of the current steering committee is stepping down, most by mid 2018, because of other commitments in 2018 or because they are moving away from RI. For continuity’s sake, the remaining five to six steering committee members will stay on through 2018, at which point they will be put up for election if they want to stay. Everyone else will serve for a two-year term, and be up for re-election in 2020.



RHRI PURPOSE STATEMENT: Resist Hate RI bring Rhode Islanders together to fight for racial, economic, environmental and social justice, and against the Trump agenda. We provide a doorway to activism, community-building, education and opportunities for collective action to combat systemic oppression.