How can I figure out what’s happening this week?

Hey all,

There are SO many things that happen each week, especially when the General Assembly is in session. It can feel hard to keep up. Here’s a few ways to keep an eye out for how, when and where to plug in.

#1 If you have a specific issue you care about that you want to get more involved in, find an organization that works on that issue here. Many of these groups have legislation they care about or ways to get involved to help in ways that have nothing to do with legislation. Join a group, show up, and get to work!

#2 Check out RI Action Alerts. Kim Jodoin has created a fantastic website that lists both the action items you can take this week, as well as a list of legislation that’s going through the State House this session. This is not a complete list of all important legislation and it is not intended to be — it is a list of legislation that has people and planning and movement behind it, and action items that you can take to support that legislation. If you want to be alerted when the list of action items is updated, join the text alert system by texting the hyphenated word Act-RI to 662-200-4303.

#3 Steve Alhquist does an amazing job highlighting what’s happening in the world of progressive action, both in the State House and outside of it, in his The Uprising blog series on UpriseRI. He writes about news and events and meetings as well, but “The Uprising” series in particular is where the (very detailed) rundowns can be found.

In #resistance,