RHRI’s Take Action Newsletter: CSA in jeopardy, a civil rights roundtable, and more

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  • Net Neutrality
  • Tank the tax bill
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  • The future: keep these on your radar
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The Community Safety Act could be in Jeopardy

The STEP UP Coalition needs you to call your city councilor and demand the Providence External Review Authority be officially reestablished ASAP, before the end of the year.

The STEP UP Coalition statement is as follows:

“January 1st 2018 is approaching fast, signaling the long-awaited implementation for the Community Safety Act. However, to be able to implement the CSA, the Providence External Review Authority (PERA) must first be re-established. PERA, as written in the CSA, will be the governing body to review and investigate police misconduct and violations of the CSA, to issue reports about how the police department is doing, and to review proposed labor contracts with the police.

PERA is one of the biggest ways the CSA is holding the police accountable, which has made it a target of City Hall. Currently, PERA needs to get up and running fast, to be fully functional by the time the CSA goes into effect on January 1. But the Elorza administration, through its Law Department, is taking the questionable legal position that the PERA ordinance has to be amended in order to do its work. We know that if City Council goes back in to amend PERA, it will just be an opportunity to weaken it and to delay the January 1 start-up of the CSA.

We ask that you call your City Councilor and Mayor Jorge Elorza and demand that PERA be up and running IMMEDIATELY so that the CSA can be implemented on January 1st, 2018 without delay. Any weakening of PERA or delays in the implementation of the CSA is undermining the will of the people. We have very little time due to the holidays to re-activate PERA and implement the CSA as promised so we ask that you please spread the word and start calling your councilors and the mayor NOW and DEMAND that they stop trying to dismantle PERA and start implementing the CSA.”

Ward 1
Seth Yurdin | 401-484-7207 | ward1@providenceri.com | @SethYurdin

Ward 2
Samuel D. Zurier | 401-861-6313 | Ward2@providenceri.com

Ward 3
Nirva LaFortune | Ward3@providenceri.com

Ward 4
Nicholas J. Narducci, Jr. | 401-497-1430 | Ward4@providenceri.com

Ward 5
Jo-Ann Ryan | 401-595-8604, 401-464-2046 | Ward5@providenceri.com | @JoannRyanPVD5

Ward 6
Michael J. Correia | 401-603-6723 | Ward6@providenceri.com

Ward 7
John J. Igliozzi | 401-351-9802 | Ward7@providenceri.com

Ward 8
Wilbur W. Jennings, Jr. | 401-461-3617 | Ward8@providenceri.com

Ward 9
Carmen Castillo | 401-226-4678 | Ward9@providenceri.com

Ward 10
Luis A. Aponte | 401-781-6861 | Ward10@providenceri.com

Ward 11
Mary Kay Harris | 401-481-8268 | Ward11@providenceri.com

Ward 12
Terrence M. Hassett | 401-454-0644 | Ward12@providenceri.com

Ward 13
Bryan Principe | 401-486-2488 | Ward13@providenceri.com

Ward 14
David A. Salvatore | Ward14@providenceri.com |  @DavidASalvatore

Ward 15
Sabina Matos | 401-383-3814 | Ward15@providenceri.com | @Sabina_Matos


Fight for Net Neutrality

Tell the Rhode Island Attorney General to sign on to the lawsuit against the FCC’s net neutrality decision. Attorney General Kilmartin has said he is interested in signing but he wants to review the lawsuit first. Urge Kilmartin to sign on now.



Tank the Tax Bill: Call progressives in Maine and Arizona

Indivisible is bringing back their peer-to-peer calling tool so that progressives like us can help motivate and move progressives in other states with Republican legislators who may be able to be swayed to vote against the tax bill. Can you sign up to make calls to progressives in Maine and Arizona?



Upcoming Events

Tuesday, December 19: Showing Up For Racial Justice Open Meeting
​7 – 9 PM | 99 Morris Ave, Providence

The meeting will focus on accountability partner asks such as DARE and PrYSM fundraising and continued No LNG action, and more.​ Learn more about what the meeting will cover (and RSVP).

Thursday, December 21: Civil Rights Round Table – A Conversation with DARE
3 – 4:30 PM | Smith Hill Annex, 231 Douglas Ave., Providence

DARE is leading the conversation at the Civil Rights Round Table​, discussing the work they do, and what needs they have. Read more about the event here​ and while it’s not required that you RSVP, you can if you’d like to Toby Ayers at rijc@ricj.org.

Saturday, December 30: The Woman Project HQ’s Sewing Bee
10 AM – 4 PM | UUCSC​, 27 North Rd, Peace Dale, RI 02879

For the last few months The Woman Project has been gathering signed quilt squares to create Petition 2.0. On December 30th, they will turn those squares into a patch work quilt for the legislative session. Sewers and non-sewers are encouraged to attend​. Learn more and RSVP.



Keep on your radar

TBD, Mueller Firing Rapid Response: Indivisible RI has a placeholder protest event on Facebook for if Robert Mueller, the special investigator, is fired. The protest would take place in Burnside Park. RSVP now so you know what to do and can respond immediately if Mueller is fired​.

Saturday, January 20, 2018: The Women’s March. It’s been a long year. On January 21, 2017 Rhode Islanders made history as part of the worldwide movement known as the Women’s March on Washington. Join together again and recharge to continue to work in 2018. RSVP and learn more.



Give a gift

The Center for Reconciliation is in need of for funds​ for several projects. Donate here.

The Institute for the Study and Practice of Nonviolence has a wishlist​ on their website. See if there is anything on the list you can provide.​