April 2017 Community Fundraising Drive — Donate Now!

This month, Resist Hate RI begins a new effort to raise funds for local organizations that do vital work defending Rhode Island communities from the Trump agenda.

RHRI believes that it is especially important to support the work of groups that empower and protect communities here in Rhode Island. The community organizations we are supporting in April are:

  • Fuerza Laboral / Power of Workers
  • DARE – Direct Action for Rights and Equality
  • Dorcas International Institute of RI

We’ve set a modest initial goal of $750 and are already 75% of our way to the goal. To put us over the top, please visit the campaign page at crowdrise.com/ResistHateRI, or just click the link in the sidebar of this website. Your support makes a difference!


Update 4/25/2017: We have reached our goal! But that’s no reason to refrain from donating if you haven’t already — help us blow past the goal by clicking here.

Saturday’s Action-Packed Agenda


We’re excited to announce our program for Saturday afternoon’s Resist Hate RI Community Meeting at Juanita Sanchez Education Complex!

The Extraordinary Rendition Band will kick things off to get our blood running. Our general session will feature the kickoff of two new initiatives from the RHRI Outreach Team, followed by a presentation from the Step Up Network on the Community Safety Act. We’ll then divide into issue-focused subgroups, with a goal of creating and planning a concrete action on each issue. Each subgroup will include an expert on the topic, but they’re not responsible for the action ideas — you are! So bring your best and craziest ideas on whichever of the following topics you’d like to see progress on:

  • Immigration: Trust Act
  • Immigration: Sanctuary Cities
  • Single Payer Health Care
  • Defending the Affordable Care Act
  • Environment: Climate Change and Carbon Pricing
  • Environment: Fighting Fossil Fuel Infrastructure
  • Providence Community Safety Act
  • Gun Violence Prevention
  • Reproductive Rights
  • Conversion Therapy Ban
  • Earned Sick Days
  • $15/hour Minimum Wage
  • Free College Tuition
  • Voting Rights
  • General Strike Preparation
  • Resistance Choir

Please RSVP and share our Facebook event…. See you Saturday at 3!

Leadership Announcement!

Five months since our first meeting, we continue to be inspired by the way so many Rhode Islanders have come together in Resist Hate RI. This community’s early successes have been recognized by Robert ReichMSNBC, the Associated Press, the Washington Post, and others. And there’s a lot more work to do.

RHRI has developed on the fly, without organizational infrastructure in mind. But the group is now five months old, and it may be time to bring some decision-making organization to the community. We have been reflecting on the March 25 anti-MAGA actions and the controversy before and afterwards — in particular, how there was no real channel (beyond a Facebook post) to request the endorsement or support of RHRI, and how a clearer leadership structure might have allowed Resist Hate to more effectively support all the actions organized for that day.

With this in mind, and with the aim of increasing transparency and accountability, we want to encourage the formation of a steering committee for RHRI — a group of Resist Hate community members that can serve as an official decision-making board. Would you like to have a say in the group’s operation and direction? Please apply to join the steering committee: https://goo.gl/forms/2yvZQVrvknw2aVZK2

This online application form will be open until midnight April 12 April 19.

We look forward to hearing from lots of participants about where RHRI is, and should be, going.  We hope to announce members of the newly-formed committee before the end of April.

Thank you so much for your commitment. This is what hope and resistance looks like. Let’s keep working.


Georgia Hollister Isman
Laufton Ascencao-Longo
Aaron Regunberg

Want to Plan Your Own Resistance Action?

On Saturday, April 8, you have the chance to take the resistance to Donald Trump into your own hands.

Come to our Fifth Community Meeting and try something new: you’ll work side by side with fellow Rhode Islanders to invent and plan a creative action on issues such as:

  • immigration
  • single payer health care
  • fighting fossil fuels
  • gun violence
  • minimum wage
  • free college tuition
  • Providence Community Safety Act
  • reproductive rights
  • … and many more!

The actions you create will be knitted together into a “Week of Resistance” in May that shows the world that the Rhode Island resistance is going strong.

Note our new meeting location: Juanita Sanchez Education Complex, a Providence high school at 182 Thurbers Avenue. Can’t wait to see you there! Please share and invite friends!

Community Meeting set for JSEC, April 8

Details for our next community meeting on April 8th!

We’re calling for a Week of Resistance to start off the month of May, and we need to come together to plan a host of resistance actions for that week. Work with your fellow resisters to plan and execute the creative and powerful resistance work we need to keep our movement going strong.

New location – JSEC, a Providence public high school at 182 Thurbers Avenue. Can’t wait to see you there! Please share and invite friends!

Resisting Hate in Providence, This Wednesday and Saturday

This Wednesday afternoon March 22 at the State House, stand in solidarity with our immigrant neighbors as the Judiciary Committee hears bills on immigration, including the pro-family, pro-safety Trust Act (H5515) and a racist, demagogic, anti-safety hate act (H5093).


And on Saturday, in downtown Providence, rise up in defense of women’s rights and human rights! This family-friendly rally will take place at Roger Williams Memorial on North Main Street… about a quarter-mile away from the pro-Trump march and anti-Trump counter-protest happening at the State House at the same time. Whichever rally you join, let’s show the Trumpers that they are vastly outnumbered in our state.