Rhode Island is standing up to resist Donald Trump.

The only way to protect our communities from the threats posed by the Trump regime is to come together and fight.

We know this time in our history calls upon us to do more than we have done, to go beyond our place of comfort, and to challenge ourselves to confront the real dangers at hand for our values, our neighbors, our planet and our democracy. We must confront old systems of oppression just as vigorously as we push back against new threats. Many in Resist Hate have worked directly on these issues for many decades; others are new to this work. All are welcome.

Join us to get plugged in. Find out how you can use your voice to not just say no to Trump, but get active to build a more just and more inclusive state, country and world.

Our Statement of Purpose

Resist Hate RI brings Rhode Islanders together to fight for racial, economic, environmental and social justice, and against the Trump agenda. We provide a doorway to activism, community-building, education, and opportunities for collective action to combat systemic oppression.

What does Resist Hate stand for?

We insist on and will act for:

  1. Resisting the harmful policies of the Trump administration and lessening their impact on the people of our state;
  2. Building community and civic structures that are welcoming, respectful and just to all;
  3. Advocating for progressive policies to protect our rights, health, environment, education and economy;
  4. Dismantling the systemic racism and oppression that harms everyone in our communities;
  5. Electing local and national officials who will fight for people and families over special interests and corporations; and
  6. Pushing local, state and national government to welcome the voices of the people.

What does Resist Hate do?

Resist Hate strives to be responsive and evolving as needs and circumstances change. Currently our work includes:

  • Sharing Information in meetings, online groups, and emails;
  • Learning through dialogue, training, and personal development;
  • Partnering with existing local and national organizations and networks toward common goals;
  • Resistance through individual and collective actions; and
  • Campaigns to push for legislative change and support candidates who reflect our values locally and nationally.

Who Leads Resist Hate RI?

Resist Hate is an all-volunteer organization. Decisions about the group’s focus, endorsements, communications, and activities are made by a Steering Committee, currently comprising:

  • Bethany Sousa Foster is a finance professional in Bristol. She advocates primarily for reproductive rights, gun control, immigrant rights and voting reform.
  • Carlos Torres does civil rights enforcement work in his professional life and wants to bring true progressive politics into the Rhode Island mainstream.
  • Abby Godino is a lifelong Rhode Islander residing in Cranston with a background in strategic research, labor and electoral organizing.
  • Georgia Hollister Isman, state director for RI Working Families, brings over a decade of experience in organizing for progressive candidates and causes.
  • Jane Tucker, of Pawtucket, was a leader of Indivisible RI. She sees RHRI as a way to bring groups together to have a stronger impact as a single force.
  • Justin Boyan, a computer scientist, wants our movement to grow strong enough to overcome corporate power, create social justice, and prevent climate apocalypse.
  • Kate Vander Wiede is a writer by trade and new to activism. She brings her organizational and writing skills to the steering committee.
  • Raul Figueroa, community organizer with Fuerza Laboral in Central Falls, fights for immigrants’ and workers’ rights on the front lines.
  • Walter Anthony Jr., a retired Academic Dean (Brandeis) and professor (JWU), aims to help us grow beyond resistance into an uplifting loving revolution.

Volunteer duties are divided among three subcommittees: Communications, Events & Membership, and Administration. Please contact us at resisthateri@gmail.com if you would like to help with data entry, writing emails, creating documentation and literature, fundraising, phone calls, planning events, connecting with other organizations, or any other thing you think you can do to help!


Want to contact us?

Email: ResistHateRI@gmail.com

Twitter: @ResistHateRI


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